What I Found - 2/8/14

PhotoFrame from ObjectiveHTML

A tool for uploading and manipulating images in ExpressionEngine. Not an organization tool, but a simple, elegant way to organize images inside a custom field, or Low Variable. 

Works with Matrix, Low Variables, Assets and many other common plugins.


CE Image from CausingEffect

A developers image manipulation plugin for ExpressionEngine. This is not an user-interface tool, this is for template-level manipulation of images.


Channel Images from CausingEffect

This is another tool for working with images in custom fields or Low Variables. There appears to be some overlap with PhotoFrame. I'd need to research farther to figure out which would be best for what I need.


Reefine Addon for ExpressionEngine

An addon that allows you to add progressive filtering of a large catalog of items, as seen on many large eCommerce sites. A couple notes.

  • Works best with single entry fields, i.e. size, color.
  • Developer warns that it might be slower for fields where there are multiple entries, i.e. tags, etc..


Template Variables Accessory from CausingEffect

A handy way to remember custom field names from the ExpressionEngine admin interface, without having to go into the custom field editor.

What I Learned - 2/8/14

Low Search & Solspace Tags

Low Search for ExpressionEngine can work with Solspace Tag to act as a filtering tool. It can auto-generate search urls from a Tag custom field.

Low Search can also generate a "range" filter based on a custom field that is numeric.

ExpressionEngine Conditionals & Parsing Order

ExpressionEngine parses advanced conditionals later in the parsing order than simple conditionals. I blamed this for a template error, but it turned out to be a missing </div> tag.