What I Learned Last Night - 6/26

  • In Expression Engine, using the Matrix plugin, it is not possible to "embed" a Matrix celltype inside a Maxtrix channel field.
  • The Nolan fieldtype allows you to have a matrix-style cell in a Matrix field that contains text fields only.
  • Sublime Video does not support streaming protocols
  • When you put more than one Sublime player on a page, even if you stop one player and start another, the browser continues to download the video for the first one in the background. 
  • If you're planning to construct a new Sublime Video element in place of an existing one, technically you're supposed to use the sublime.unprepare() function first. 
  • Calling sublime.unprepare(<playerid>)  does not stop the browser from continuing to download the video that was playing.
  • Even destroying the <video> element that Sublime was attached to in the DOM does not stop the browser from continuing to download the video. 
  • The only way to completely "kill" a video and stop it from downloading without reloading the page is to use the video.src attribute as described here. 
  • Even if you use an Expression Engine embedded template to load different videos into the same div (using the JQuery .load() function), you must first use the technique above to "kill" the video before loading new content into the div to prevent further downloading. 



What I Learned - 6/15

Sublime Video has a timeUpdated event that fires as the video plays. To capture this event use the following code.

sublime.ready(function() {
  sublime.player('< your_video_player_id >').on({
    timeUpdate: < your_function_name >

Using some basic Javascript it is possible to create simple looping functionality with Sublime Video using the timeUpdate event combined with user-selected start and stop times.  

The Shortlist plugin for ExpressionEngine  has "attribute" functionality for adding external content to lists, but it does not work for internal content. The attributes give context to the external link that is being added to a list (like a favorites list).