Fix For Solspace Rating Module Form Not Displaying

Long story short: I bought the ExpressionEngine Ratings module from today. I quickly located an example of how to put a rating form into an entry. I eagerly reloaded the page.....and there was no rating form to be found.

I turned on template debugging, I read forum posts, I changed admin settings that no one should ever change. Nothing worked. Even the sample pages from the module itself would not show the ratings form.  

Template debugging revealed that the {exp:rating:form} tag pair was indeed finding an entry using the supplied {entry_id}, but nothing between the tag pair was being processed. There were no errors, just....nothing.

Turns out...there's a few things you have to do to get this ratings form to show up. If you're smarter than me, you probably wouldn't make these mistakes, but if you're reading this, perhaps you're no smarter than I am.

Here are the specific steps that would have saved me over 2 hours this morning.

  1. Install the module.
  2. Go to Add-ons -> Modules -> Rating -> Preferences
  3. Locate the "Can Post Ratings" preference.
  4. Select ALL the member groups that you intend to allow to post ratings. Here's a hint - Super Admins are not Members . If you select only Members, Super Admins like yourself, will see no ratings form. User groups are not hierarchical in this way... apparently.
  5. Select ALL channels that you'll be using the ratings form on. Be really, really sure that you've ACTUALLY selected the right channel(s). Because discovering that you've accidentally omitted the one channel that you're testing on is a frustrating realization after 2 hours of hair-pulling troubleshooting. 
  6. Use the example code to construct your rating form.  


So, to wrap up, Super Admins are not included in Members, and if you don't choose the correct channels, you'll only see whitespace where you want to see a ratings form. 

May your experience be less painful than mine.