What I Learned - 6/13

Chapter markers do not show up in Quicktime videos on iOS since iOS 6 was released (outside of videos purchased from Apple).

You can update channel entries in ExpressionEngine using DataGrab Pro, but you must have a unique identifier field outside of the actual ID. Using the title field as the reference for detecting an existing entry works, but if your titles include quotes it's easy for a mismatch to occur. 

There are several HTML5 video players available, but not all support playing YouTube videos. Sublime Video does

Sublime Video "takes over" the <video> element, but implements it's own Javascript API. Performing operations on the <video> element won't work, to manipulate the player, you need to work with the Sublime Player Javascript API

To play a video at a specific time, use the Sublime Video player.seekTo() api call. 

HTML5 <video> spec has a playbackRate variable. Sublime Video has not implimented playbackRate in their Javascript API yet, plut plan to.